At Collingwood, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible quality builds and fit-outs at a reasonable price. From basic hollow builds made for the person looking to develop their own project to fully fitted models which have been beautifully designed to become your perfect home.

Financing your brand new Collingwood build might sound a bit daunting but our simple and easy to follow process means that you can get to enjoy your brand new floating escape or waterborne home sooner than you think.


We have recently partnered with Shawbrook Bank, one of the leaders in leisure and residential marine finance. As a result of this, we can offer our customers unparalleled advice when it comes to financing their brand new Collingwood build. We can offer flexible packages including marine mortgages and flexible payment programs. You’ll also get advice from a dedicated marine team, offering support and advice throught the process. Our flexible and patient approach means you can take the time to consider all the aspects of marine living you need and with our industry experience and understanding, we can help you make quick and informed decisions.


Our finance packages offer our customers a number of benefits.

  • Marine mortgages
  • Flexible payment profiles
  • Dedicated marine team
  • Flexible support
  • Industry understanding & experience



Finding the capital for your new Collingwood build doesn’t need to break the bank.  That’s why we’ve partnered up with Shawbrook Bank to help provide finance plans, so designing and building your new canal boat is easier than you think.

The payment structure breaks down as follows:

A £1000 Deposit (non-refundable) secures the build slot and the price of the vessel.

A follow-up payment of £6000 is then due 2 weeks before we start the building of your shell! (we will ask you to come in at this point with your plans and spec of the boat).

We kindly ask for the balance to be in our account at least 48hrs before delivery.

In total, the whole process can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the type of build.