What Is It Like To Live On A Canal Boat In The UK?

Living on a canal boat can be the most idyllic setting for people who love and enjoy being amidst nature’s wonders along the English waterways.
Admiring the beautiful countryside whilst sailing along the soft calming waters can be the ideal living choice for some people.

With the freedom to move, whenever you feel; canal boat owners can enjoy their time afloat knowing each day would bring new adventures.

Now more than ever, people are making the move to live onboard, as it offers so much more flexibility and allows people to enjoy life on their own terms. If you are thinking of making the move, then why not check out our range of expertly crafted boats that are tailored to your requirements and lifestyle.

Keep on moving and become a continuous cruiser!

In boating terms, people who live on their boats but move along the canal system are often are known as ‘Continuous Cruisers.’ This means they are not paying for a fixed mooring spot on a marina and are able to move around as and when they feel. You do however need to follow the licensing regulations and register as a continuous cruiser.

This is where short-term moorings can be ideal as it gives you the flexibility to move around depending on your journey plans. It can be quite difficult to keep moving if you would like to work nearby, so this style of living may not be suitable for everyone – but it’s a great way to regularly explore different locations.

The onboard lifestyle

The beauty of living on a canal boat is that you can decide exactly how you would like to live your life. You can opt for a narrowboat that offers simple living and all the minimal essentials you need to enjoy the experience. Or you can choose to live a luxury lifestyle, for example, preferring to live in a fully fitted wide-beam boat – the choice is yours.

Leaving the bricks and mortar life can be a huge change to living afloat, however, it can come with many advantages and benefits.

– Freedom to access the English canals and rivers
– Escape the busy city life.
– Being closer to nature and wildlife
– Explore many different locations
– Become a part of a close-knit community

Whether you choose to live a luxury lifestyle on a canal boat or prefer the more simplistic living; it’s a great experience to be a part of.