What Should I Take With Me On My Brand New Canal Boat?

So you’ve just purchased a brand new Collingwood canal boat and whether it’s a narrow beam or a wide beam boat, a recreational craft or a liveaboard, you’re going to need to know the essentials to take aboard with you.

Clothing for All Weather

Being prepared for every conceivable weather scenario might sound like overkill but it’ll pay off. T-shirts and shorts are ideal for warmer weather but if you’re planning to be cruising all year round than a decent waterproof jacket, trousers and warm clothing is a must.

A tough pair of gloves will help you make short work of locks and non-slip deck shoes are essential for life onboard.

On the occasions when the sun shows its face, then taking precautions with suncream and a hat at the least is advisable. UV rays reflect off of water and can amplify their effect on the skin, so be mindful.

Stock up on Supplies

You’ll need to stock your larder with plenty of food and drink, although how often depends on your use for the craft. However, fear not you cruisers out there! Part of the appeal of life on the waterways is all the stop-off points along the way which includes restaurants and pubs!


Whether you’re living aboard or using your boat as a recreational craft, you’re going to need some form of entertainment. Our fully fitted vessels come equipped with TVs, great for relaxing in the living space so if you’re planning on living aboard then you’re going to be set.

For recreational users, using the craft as a family holiday vessel, then board games, a deck of cards and maybe the odd electronic device are a good shout as well.

Things to Avoid

Hazardous chemicals are a big no-no! This is because there is a strong likelihood of them ending up in the water and let’s not forget that the canals are an eco-system!

Useful Hints

Make sure you pack enough toiletries, especially if you’re cruising! This is essential unless you enjoy being caught without loo roll! There is usually plenty of opportunities to pick these up when travelling up and down the canal, just make sure to keep some in reserve, just in case.