Built by our expert craftsmen with a real passion for creativity, Collingwood provides you with a boat to last made from only the highest quality materials. Our aim is to leave you with a finished boat to enjoy all at an affordable price.


Only using the finest materials, we build boats for both domestic and commercial clients alike and all our boats are fully constructed in the UK. Using the best quality of steel available to construct our hulls, you can be assured that your new Collingwood boat will last for years.

On average we have over 20 narrow and wide beam boats being constructed each month in one of our 5 construction sheds. From hull assembly to engine room and electricals, carpentry and interior design, to the finishing touches with the paint job; all of it is covered onsite at our Liverpool base of operations.


We build all of our boats from scratch. We start with the hull of your boat using 10mm thick steel of the base plate and 6mm for the hull sides, forming a durable solid base from which to craft your ideal design. Next, we weld the bulkheads and the 5mm thick cabin frame. Now we can see the basic shape of your boat is starting to come to life.

Once the main part of the hull is constructed we can then add the engine and mechanical components, once this is complete we can then begin adding the interior insulation as well as the windows, ballast and vents. Once that is complete the hull is coated in a sealing primer and stage one of the build is complete.



Fitting out once the basic hull is completed, we can then begin work on lining the interior of your vessel with ash or oak veneer and solid wood trimmings, provided courtesy of our trained carpenters. At this stage, the vessel will also be professionally coach painted.


Fitting the electrics once the interior is lined is the job of our electricians, they’ll install the 240v mains ring along with mains lighting and sockets. Our plumbing team will also install the heating system at this stage.


At this stage the design can really come through as we install the galley and the fixtures that will make your boat the luxurious floating apartment that you’re looking for. Once it’s all in place then the final stages of interior design can begin and your brand new Collingwood vessell will be ready for delivery.


Once our boats have made it to completion, Collingwood helps our customers with aftercare. The main structure is fully guaranteed for 12 months for parts and labour. Our engines, generators and kitchen and bathroom appliances are all covered by the manufacturer’s own extensive warranties. In the event that you do experience any issues with your vessel, we have a maintenance team of highly qualified engineers covering the whole of the UK who are only a phone call away.

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