For the individual looking to be part of the building process, Collingwood have just the solution in our Sailaway range. This is designed for the perfect DIY project, it gives the ideal basic start for those who wish to undertake the fit out work themselves and in a very cost effective way.

Our range starts from a 40ft up to 70ft all available from 6’10 to 12’6″ wide.

60 x 12’6 Liveaboard zero rated of VAT
starts from £39,795.00 ex vat



  • Ballast (concrete building blocks)
  • Floor (wpb plywood)
  • Chrome windows & portholes
  • Twin steel stern doors with sliding hatch
  • Steel half glazed bow doors (hardwood doors optional)
  • Side doors
  • Battened out spray foam insulated
  • Canaline engine (various sizes)
  • Chrome exterior fittings
  • Primed & hull blacked (2 pack epoxy)

Commissioning a new boat is an investment and budget plays a big part in your choice.  With our Sailaway range, you have a say in the building and interior design of your boat.  This includes the location of windows and bulkheads as well as bathroom, galley and bedroom locations


The Collingwood Sailaway range comprises 3 formats: Sailaway Basic, Sailaway Lined and Sailaway with Additions.


For those on a limited budget yet with confidence and good DIY or Professional skills a Sailaway Basic is the perfect start. With a Sailaway Basic, Collingwood will install the engine of your choice and the hull comes with mushroom vents, windows, doors, ballast, subfloors, insulation and a sealing coat of primer.  From then on you are in full control of electrics, plumbing, heating and trimmings. Our design team at Collingwood will, of course, be with you all the way in order to ensure that door locations, vents, windows and other important issues are considered when building the hull.

Click HERE for Sailaway Basic Price List

Things to bear in mind when considering a Sailaway Basic:


  • Who will undertake the electrics, plumbing and painting?
  • Who will undertake the purchasing of all product and equipment requirements?
  • Who will undertake the transport and craning of the vessel when it needs to be moved?
  • When deciding on which Sailaway to commission, consider your skill level and bear in mind time scale.


Designing Your Canal Boat:


We at Collingwood are here to guide you through the full process of design. We’ll help you design your boat to suit your needs be-it understanding what you need the boat for, its length, width, windows, all doors, vents, bulkheads (partitions), electrics plumbing, galley and anything else you feel you need – regardless of whether we fit or you fit.  This design is very important to ensure your total satisfaction.

When undertaking a project such as a Sailaway, there are a whole host of issues that need careful consideration.


Your window location plan needs to be precise to ensure that enough light comes into the vessel regardless of which room they are to serve.  Window design and material are also to be decided.


Your front, side and rear access points need to suit your needs – side (port or starboard), centre, port (left) or starboard (right).


Your mushroom vents, whether fan assisted or standard need to be precisely positioned for your own comfort and for Boat Safety Certificate requirements.

If your boat is lined, we need to know the positioning of electrical sockets and room bulkheads.

If you choose the additions pack, we need to know radiator positioning, paint colours, coach line colours, galley requirements, wood-burning stove requirements (if any) and your personal interior-design wishes.

Collingwood Boat Builders are known in the industry as having some of the quickest delivery times. Our extensive boatyard has, at any one time, over 30 boats at various stages of completion. Sailaway Basics’ have a turn around time of 8 to 12 weeks from ordering. Lined or Additions ranges, take a little longer.

Build slot availability is something we can discuss at the time of ordering.

In order to be allocated a build slot for your vessel, we start with a £1,000, non-refundable payment. This ensures that we have a start date for your project. Upon starting the build, we will require a further £6,000 with the balance due just prior to delivery.

Collingwood Boat Builders will organise the delivery of your craft to your preferred location in the UK. We have two of our own dedicated delivery vehicles based in Liverpool at our yard.  Depending on your preferred delivery location we will give you an accurate quotation. On average, the cost to us is around £1,000. Once delivered, you will, in most cases be responsible for the organising of the cranage together with costs. Most marinas have facilities for transferring your craft from our vehicle to your chosen stretch of water.

All our Sailaways conform to the current Recreation Craft Directive (RCD). Should you sell your completed vessel within 5 years you will need to carry out the fit-out of your boat in line with the current RCD + Post-Construction Survey requirements and organise the relevant paperwork to support this on sale. If you would like to a little bit of research into the RCD please speak to one of our design team.


Every four years you will need to get a Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) Certificate in place. With this in mind it’s worth taking some time to familiarise yourself with the BSS.

We at Collingwood very much look forward to discussing your requirements.